Sunday, June 10, 2007

Visiting Karl Thier in Austria - part 2

A potentilla with an amazing trunk, which was about as thick as a human arm. Karl told me that this comes originally from the garden of the castle of Belvedere where he has been working for some time and has swapped it for an other tree.

A beautiful wild pear literati with an interesting, twisted trunk.

A nice small black pine (Pinus nigra).

One of Karl's most amazing black pines. Look at that trunk taper! It has developed like this naturally, no large cut is seen on the trunk. And the bark is amazing, too!

An other nice black pine. My friend Sándor is contemplating the trees.

A row of top quality pines.

A nice japanese maple from the sales section.

A row from Karl's own collection.

A nice hornbeam with a great nebari.

The garden.

Meister Karl mit einem seinen Kiefern. Ich stehe am linken Seite.

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