Sunday, June 10, 2007

Visiting Karl Thier in Austria - part 2

A potentilla with an amazing trunk, which was about as thick as a human arm. Karl told me that this comes originally from the garden of the castle of Belvedere where he has been working for some time and has swapped it for an other tree.

A beautiful wild pear literati with an interesting, twisted trunk.

A nice small black pine (Pinus nigra).

One of Karl's most amazing black pines. Look at that trunk taper! It has developed like this naturally, no large cut is seen on the trunk. And the bark is amazing, too!

An other nice black pine. My friend Sándor is contemplating the trees.

A row of top quality pines.

A nice japanese maple from the sales section.

A row from Karl's own collection.

A nice hornbeam with a great nebari.

The garden.

Meister Karl mit einem seinen Kiefern. Ich stehe am linken Seite.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Visiting Karl Thier in Austria - part 1

Last weekend Karl and Sylvia Thier have organized a "day of the open door" at their place near Wien, Austria. Karl has kindly invited me so my friend Sándor and I have set off to visit his "Bonsaiwerkstatt".
Karl has an amazing collection of pines from the Alps which he has collected himself and also a collection of deciduous trees which he has mostly collected in Hungary. Sylvia takes care of the ficus trees and other indoor bonsai.
We have discussed about the (sad) state of bonsai in Hungary and Austria and talked about possibilities of some kind of cooperation.

Here are some shots from the collection.

Karl's large hornbeam forest, much discussed at IBC here. The two large trees had amazing nebaris and trunks.

A korean hornbeam from the sales section.

A platanus with a nice nebari and characteristic colorful trunk. This tree still has some time to go developing a branch structure, but I have liked it a lot.

I will post some more pictures later...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Flower Festival - Exhibition of the University Bonsai Club - individual trees - part 3

-- part 3 --

Péter Deák's Myrtus communis in detail and with companion plant

Sándor Papp's composition with a Carpinus corena shohin and Pinus thunbergii and kusamono

György Rácz's huge Cornus mas and a little Ligustrum ovalifolium by Norbert Mészáros

Sándor Papp's Juniperus chinensis with a companion plant

Imre Fehér's Metasequioa glyptostroboides

András Nagy's Juniperus communis

Spring Flower Festival - Exhibition of the University Bonsai Club - individual trees - part 2

-- part 2 --

Péter Deák's Schefflera arborescens

András Nagy's Corylus colurna literati

György Rácz's Acer campestre and György in front of his tree

Norbert Mészáros's Carpinus betulus

Zsófia Tóth's Cotoneaster

Sándor Szabadi's Chamaecyparis

Sándor Papp's Picea abies

Sándor Papp's Prunus mahaleb

Sándor Papp's composition with a Juniperus chinensis, kusamono and suiseki; and the tree in detail

András Marczika's Acer palmatum

Norbert Mészáros's Cotoneaster

Sándor Horváth's composition with a Cydonia oblonga and companion plant

Sándor Papp's big Fraxinus excelsior

Sándor Horváth's Murraya paniculata

Sándor Horváth's Ficus retusa

Spring Flower Festival - Exhibition of the University Bonsai Club - individual trees - part 1

Here are the trees that members of the University Bonsai Club (Egyetemi Bonsai Club) have exhibited during the Spring Flower Festival in April 2007. The exhibition room was the usual oval room that houses the Clubs show each spring.

Sándor Horváth's Portulacaria afra.

Imre Fehér's Juniperus chinensis

Sándor Varga's Pinus thunbergii shohin

Sándor Varga's Fraxinus excelsior

András Marczika's Juniperus chinensis

András Nagy's Pinus sylvestris and Potentilla fruticosa shohin with a suiseki

Ervin Katona's two Carpinus betulus

Árpád Nagy's Ulmus parvifolia with a suiseki

Árpád Nagy's Ulmus parvifolia with a Cotoneaster shohin

András Nagy's Prunus domestica literati

Norbert Mészáros's Ligustrum vulgare

György Rácz's Crataegus monogyna


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