Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Flower Festival - Exhibition of the University Bonsai Club - individual trees - part 2

-- part 2 --

Péter Deák's Schefflera arborescens

András Nagy's Corylus colurna literati

György Rácz's Acer campestre and György in front of his tree

Norbert Mészáros's Carpinus betulus

Zsófia Tóth's Cotoneaster

Sándor Szabadi's Chamaecyparis

Sándor Papp's Picea abies

Sándor Papp's Prunus mahaleb

Sándor Papp's composition with a Juniperus chinensis, kusamono and suiseki; and the tree in detail

András Marczika's Acer palmatum

Norbert Mészáros's Cotoneaster

Sándor Horváth's composition with a Cydonia oblonga and companion plant

Sándor Papp's big Fraxinus excelsior

Sándor Horváth's Murraya paniculata

Sándor Horváth's Ficus retusa

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