Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Flower Festival - Exhibition of the University Bonsai Club - individual trees - part 1

Here are the trees that members of the University Bonsai Club (Egyetemi Bonsai Club) have exhibited during the Spring Flower Festival in April 2007. The exhibition room was the usual oval room that houses the Clubs show each spring.

Sándor Horváth's Portulacaria afra.

Imre Fehér's Juniperus chinensis

Sándor Varga's Pinus thunbergii shohin

Sándor Varga's Fraxinus excelsior

András Marczika's Juniperus chinensis

András Nagy's Pinus sylvestris and Potentilla fruticosa shohin with a suiseki

Ervin Katona's two Carpinus betulus

Árpád Nagy's Ulmus parvifolia with a suiseki

Árpád Nagy's Ulmus parvifolia with a Cotoneaster shohin

András Nagy's Prunus domestica literati

Norbert Mészáros's Ligustrum vulgare

György Rácz's Crataegus monogyna

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